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Catch Basin Pumping in the York and the Durham Regions

Protect your family’s health by keeping your septic system in perfect working order with catch basin pumping in the York and Durham regions. You depend on a septic tank and the pipes that feed it to remove and treat the wastewater that flows out of your home’s drains every day. Avoid breakdowns and back-ups with troubleshooting from First Call Septic Service.

Licensed Tank Pumping and Liquid Waste Removal

First Call Septic Service is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, and our experienced technicians meet your sanitary needs and follow environmentally conscious procedures. When your septic tank, holding tank or catch basin needs pumping, depend on First Call Septic Service to completely pump out your tank and remove the waste according to regulations.


Are Your Drains Backed Up?

Make sure your septic system performs in a safe and reliable manner with our services.

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