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Hassle-free Septic Pumping in the York and the Durham Regions

In locations not served by sewers, you have to rely on a well-maintained and fully functioning septic system to carry away and treat every drop of wastewater from your toilets, bathtubs, and washing machines. Your septic tank not only holds wastewater but also contains bacteria to break it down and let waste solids settle. When problems occur, the wastewater from your tank can escape, endangering your health, your water sources, and the surrounding environment. Contact us for septic pumping in the York and the Durham regions.

First Call Septic Service for Pumping and Clean Drain Lines

The warning signs of a failing or malfunctioning septic system are your cue to contact First Call Septic Service for an inspection. Your septic system needs pumping and servicing if you experience:

Slow or backed up drains
Dying grass and vegetation near your system
Strong smelling or tasting of well water
Strong odour in your basement
Soft damp spot near the tank bed
Noticeable sewage leaking above ground

Environmentally Sound Liquid Waste Removal

If you have waited three or more years to have your septic system pumped and cleaned, First Call Septic Service provides environmentally sound pumping and liquid waste removal services. Licensed by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), First Call Septic Service offers emergency pumping and drain cleaning services. For an appointment, give us a call today.


Keep Your Grease Trap in Working Order

Your septic tank cannot eliminate grease. To keep your grease trap functional throughout the year, give our licensed team a call.

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