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Septic Tank Repairs Made Easy in the Durham Region

Keep your pressure septic system pump in good working order at the best prices in the Durham and the York regions with septic tank repairs from First Call Septic Service. You don’t have to wait until business hours if your centrifugal or turbine pump gives out on a weekend or late in the evening. We make room in our schedule for your emergency.

First Call Septic Service Locates and Repairs Septic System Problems

In addition to repairing your septic system pumps, First Call Septic Service performs small system repairs, like clearing clogged pipes to keep your system running smoothly at a reasonable cost. For more information, contact First Call Septic Service to ask for the regular maintenance and pumping your septic system needs for worry-free care.

Avoid Repairs: Ways You Can Keep Your Septic System Healthy

You can help your septic system last for years without the need of costly major repairs with a few simple but smart habits. Here are some tips to help you save on septic system repair costs and avoid unhealthy drain back-ups:

Use a garbage disposal that grinds food into small particles
Don’t pour grease or oil down your drains
Avoid putting bleach and other harsh chemicals in your drains
Use less water to avoid overloading your septic system
Flush nothing but toilet paper to prevent clogs
Plant trees 75 feet away from your tile bed and tank

Septic System Damaged in a Storm?

If you notice that your sink or tub is draining slowly, probably your septic tank needs repairs. Contact us now.

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